Amelia's Arches

Amelia Ohotnicky

Need an arch? Amelia got you covered!

I have found away to solve the lack of wood and stone for your door ways! Arches! The arch is built out of the same mud bricks as your house.

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Why the arch?

Why should the arch be your doorway? well the arch provides a firm,biddable and pretty doorway! For example the arch is so firm you no longer need the heavy logs and rocks, the style of the arch supports your whole house, and it's even made out of mud bricks! This arch is so easy to build, easy carving and piling mud bricks, no more lifting the heavy waits of wood and rocks. If you can believe it there is still another reason why the arch is right for you! It's so pretty! The designee of the arch is often used on upper class homes and ziggerots, however no mader what class you are the arch is right for you!

Every Tuesday at 4pm we give away ten free arcrhes!

Come every Tuesday to see if your name is one of the lucky ten to get a FREE arch!