Women & Children on the Goldfields

By Admond


It was hard to be a woman on the goldfields because they had to make food and clean their house. They also provided entertainment for the men by dancing and singing.

Roles And Responsibilities

Women work consisted of washing, ironing and cooking and they made bread,jam and grew plants.

The children on the gold sometime pan with their parents.

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Health on the goldfields was very very bad because the doctors had lots of jobs and had bad medicines. The only food was mutton, tea and damper. Mental illness in the early and mid-nineteenth has very promenent because the conditions were so bad, so was the food and every time they mined they got no gold.


Children moved schools often, as parents kept moving to find richer goldfields. Often there was no schooling because there was no school built. Schools where made from tents. The roof was made from a canvas material and because of all the children some were taken out of schools.