This week in class....

August 12 - August 16

Labor Day Holiday

Monday September 2nd

Early Release/Parent Conferences

Friday September 13th

We Survived Our First Week!!!

We had a great first week of school. We were busy learning the procedures and rules of the classroom. First grade is a huge adjustment. It will take a few weeks to settle down in our daily routine, but we will eventually get there.

Home Work

I have included a section at the bottom of the newsletter with the assigned homework for this week. All homework is due the following day with the exception of Spelling Squares. On the back of your child's FISH folder there is a Spelling Squares paper. Each students is to pick four activities each week to complete. Spelling Squares are due on Fridays.


The students are learning to use their agendas. They are writing their homework each day as well as their spelling words. You will also find a place for the student to log their daily behavior. Since we have been busy learning the procedures we have not been moving clips for behavior. However, that will start this week. Please take the time each night to look at and sign your child's agenda.


I use M&M's in the classroom to reward students. If you are out shopping and could pick us up a bag I would appreciate it. THANKS :)

Weekly Test

Friday 8/16

Reading Test - A Big Fish For Max

Spelling Test

Monday 8/19

Social Studies Test - American Symbols

Weekly Homework

Monday - Spelling Square, Math Worksheet

Tuesday - Spelling Square, Language Worksheet

Wednesday - Spelling Square

Thursday - Spelling Square, Read A Big Fish For Max, Fresh Reads Worksheet

Spelling Words

Words with the digraph sh and th













bonus word *chore

Spelling Test

I give the students a bonus word on their spelling list each week. The word is worth an additional 5 points. If the word is missed it does not count against them. I will also read a sentence which contains one or two of the spelling words. The students will be required to write the sentence as I speak it. This is graded as part of their spelling test. I count off for not using punctuation, misuse of capital letters and spelling previously learned words incorrectly.

Every quarter when report cards are processed students with a 100 average for spelling will be moved to a harder list.

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