Week 7 Reflection

Action Plan - Update

Week 7 Aims

  • Complete storyboard
  • Research and analysis into potential funding, marketing and distribution of our product
  • Write up a detailed explanation of the purpose of our opening scene.
  • Begin to edit footage, with drafts and screenshots to show the editing process
  • Create an edit decision list

Week 7 Achievements

We completed our storyboard and filmed the creation of it, speeding up the footage and adding music to ensure that it was presented in a creative way. We also researched into funding, marketing and distribution for our product and displayed this on our blogs along with completing a description of the purpose of our opening scene. However, we weren't able to edit our footage as we felt the quality was inadequate so we spent time re-filming rather than editing our existing material.

Updated Week 8 Aims

We now have to begin editing all our footage including the sections we have re-filmed and create an edit decision list along with drafts and screenshots to show our progress. We also want to carry out research into the connotations of our film title 'Masked' and write up our weather report about the weather conditions on the days we filmed.