My year in dance


Jazz- Black and Gold

This year for jazz we danced to black & gold. Mrs. McClain's choreography differed very much from Mrs. Garcia's, and we liked it. Especially me, it had more of an "advanced" tempo. I thought for this section i did very well. As a class i think this is when we came together and tried to make this dance look good, because we liked the song, the choreography and the tempo.

Ballet- I wont give up

This dance and this section i loved the most. Because we learned a lot more about the dance, and actually got to do more technical dance moves. The back roll was very challenging for some people, and others it was quick and easy. For me it was challenging unfortunately, i got very bruised and scratched up on my back. But at the end it came out very smooth when we did the dance as a class.
Jar of Hearts

Modern- Radioactive

This dance was very interesting from what i learned of it. I had an ankle injury during the time. I loved the improv part. I feel like it let everybody release themselves and show off their personality. I very much wished i could have learned the whole dance. But overall i thought the dancers did an excellent job.

Hip hop- Mims

I liked this dance, we went from different ranges of hip hop. We went from more rhythmic, to technical to the arm thing. The song was interesting, it had a good beat. I don't think that hip hop is my forte, im pretty sure i looked like a huge spaz when i did it.

When we performed it as a class it looked very well put together.


I loved the fact that the advanced eighth graders got to choreograph our parts. I thought it was fun and the ideas that we came up with were great! I thought as a dancer in general that i did pretty good. again it was kind of hip hop for our part and hip hop is not my specialty. The most difficult part for me was doing it in our vans, it was a little hard to spin on that stage with our vans.

Spring Show- Lets hear it for the boys, stay and footloose

  • Lets hear it for the boys- I thought i did really good on this dance. The advanced part came quick and easy for me and as well did our part of the dance. All together the dance was put together good and i really liked it.
  • Stay- Stay was my favorite dance we did. I love the style of contemporary i think it is elegant and flowy, but not to stiff like ballet and not to loose like modern, It is the perfect medium. As a dancer i thought i did very well, i may have messed up just a little bit, but not very noticeable. This has to be by far my favorite dance.
  • Footloose- This dance was so fun to be in. The choreography was easy to learn. I liked the ending where it was kind of a "party" although i wish we could've had different costumes, it was still a good dance.