ECPS Monthly Update

December 2015

Family Involvement Spaghetti Dinner

On November 19 our Family Involvement Committee held a spaghetti dinner for our ECPS families. It was great to see our students interacting with their siblings and parents over dinner and dessert. Staff were able to interact, connect, and build relationships with parents. Parents were also able to connect and share stories.

Our committee surveyed parents and were able to receive input on future workshops and events. Thanks to all that helped to make this night a success!

Super Heroes at ECPS!

Impressive Achievements

Committee Reports

VSA - The popcorn sales are up and running, poinsettia delivery December 3, in the process of getting artist confirmation for the festival and in the process of securing a grant for a music therapist.

Adopt A Family - All tags have been taken for families, we have a generous staff!

School Improvement - Review of parent surveys

Social Committee - Thankful tree and staff bulletin board are growing

Family Involvement - Successful spaghetti dinner and survey results from parents

Safety and Transportation - Walkie talkie inventory, outdoor gate repaired, ice machine repair, evacuation procedure reviewed, and updated maps discussed, next meeting Dec 10

Fundraising - Mixed bags fundraiser

Technology - Stylus for each program, survey completed

Wellness - Yoga, district wide representative, 5K run, Healthy Schools Healthy Families results

PBIS - Preparing for January kickoff, school store, completion of lesson plans

Staying Healthy at Work

With the holiday season well upon us, it is easy to feel pulled in many directions and take on too many responsibilities (or even eat too much!). Please review the excerpt below from The Huffington Post that offers some tips on staying well, reducing stress, and hopefully reducing missed days from work.

10 best practices to staying healthy at work

Wash your hands often. Hand­washing is the number one way you can prevent yourself from getting sick. There is no such thing as washing your hands too much. Although it may seem obvious, many don't take it as seriously as they should. Always wash your hands before you eat, after using the restroom, and after sneezing or coughing.

Keep your workspace clean. The average desk harbors hundreds of times more bacteria than a toilet seat ­­- pretty gross, right? Keep your work area neat and organized. Tidy up at the end of each day for five minutes. Keep sanitizing wipes and spray at your desk and wipe down the surfaces often.

Drink more water. Staying well­ hydrated is crucial to your productivity, energy levels and overall health. Water helps you stay alert and refreshed, and promotes clear thinking. Buy a large water bottle that you can keep at your desk and refill throughout the day.

Keep hand sanitizer at your desk. As stated previously, there are many times when it is best to wash your hands ­­ however it's understandable that during the workday you may not always be able to step away from your desk to do so. In those cases, such as after sneezing or coughing, immediately use hand sanitizer. Keep some handy at your desk, so it can be applied immediately and used in between hand washings when needed.

Avoid others who are not feeling well or exhibit symptoms of illness. Whenever possible, avoid close interactions with others who may be sick. Wash your hands after spending time at or near the work space of someone who is sick, sneezing or coughing. Also, it's a good idea to make sure that management is aware if someone is coming to work sick, as it's best for all if they stay home to rest and recover where there is no concern of infecting those nearby.

Eat well including light, healthy lunches. Plan out your meals for the week, including what you will eat for lunch. Then take time the night before to pack a healthy lunch for the next day. Make sure to include some lean protein, salad or fresh veggies, and fresh fruit for lasting energy with no afternoon slump.

Take breaks and get out in the sun and fresh air. Make sure to get your daily dose of vitamin D by getting outdoors every day. Even on your busiest days, it's important to take a few minutes to step away and regroup. Invigorate yourself by going outside and taking a brisk walk around your office building. Or calm yourself from a hectic day by simply sitting and meditating quietly for a few minutes surrounded by nature.

Eat snacks throughout the day vs. a heavy mid­day meal. For optimum health and energy, make sure to keep healthy snacks at your desk that you can munch on when hunger strikes. Forgo the vending machines in favor of fresh or dried fruits, nuts, yogurt and string cheese. Going several hours between meals can cause your blood sugar to drop and lead you to grab the nearest fast food sugary treat available. Instead, opt to eat something every two to three hours to keep your blood sugar steady and energy levels up the entire day.

Limit caffeine intake. Yes, we love our coffee, but remember to drink it and other caffeinated beverages in moderation. Try to reduce your intake to one cup each morning to avoid a caffeine crash later on. You can also greatly reduce calories and sugar intake by drinking your coffee without cream or sugar ­­ for some, this may be an acquired taste, but it is well worth it for your health.

Manage stress properly. Most American workers live a fast­paced life that can feel hectic at times. In this new economy, many companies require employees to do more with less. To be effective and to work healthy, you must learn to properly manage your stress levels. Whether it's the occasional spa day, time with family, or a good book, find what works for you and take time out for it.

Make sure to take care of yourself first and foremost, and maintain a healthy balance.

~Dr. Stacia Pierce

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Early Childhood Programs and Services

GISD is proud to be an NCA AdvancED accredited intermediate school district. Serving students, parents, educators, and the greater Genesee County community!

Important Dates

December 2 - picture retakes, ASD Dept Meeting

December 4 - Staff Meeting

December 7 - Birth to 3 Meeting, MOCI Dept Meeting

December 8 - Student Assistance Team Meeting

December 9 - Student Assistance Team Meeting, Service Coordinator Meeting

December 10 - Safety and Transportation Committee Meeting

December 11 - Family Involvement Committee Meeting

December 14 - Birth to 3 Meeting

December 18 - PBIS Committee Meeting

December 21 - Birth to 3 Meeting, Haas Staff Meeting

December 23 - Jan 1- No School

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Let this holiday time be filled with happy moments as you enjoy with friends and family. Have a fabulous holiday, be safe, and relax!