All For Books Coin Challenge

Small vs Rowell

What is All For Books?

The All for Books program:

• Provides books to children who otherwise could not afford them.

• Gives kids access to books they want to read through classroom libraries.

• Cultivates in children a love of reading and a love of helping others.

• Reinforces that literacy is a priority for schools, families, and communities.

The Scholastic Possible Fund matches every donation, collected through the All For Books program up to $1 million in books. Then, they distribute books to children in need through organizations such as Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc. and Kids in Need Foundation.

Small vs Rowell Coin Challenge

This year our coin challenge is going to be a bit different. Instead of a competition between the classrooms we are going to have the students select who they want to be the receipent of a prank or a stunt by placing money in a container. The container with the most funds is the winner and the winner will have to complete either a prank or a stunt.

Our most gracious volunteers are Superintendent Ben Small (Elliot and Gracie's dad) and Deputy Superintendent Jay Rowell (Mrs. Rowell's husband). To make this event even more thrilling Mr. Rowell will choose three options for Mr. Small and Mr. Small will choose the options for Mr. Rowell. Then a student who was caught reading will get to choose the final prank or stunt.

The money collected will be shared equally among classroom teachers so that they can build their classroom libraries.

When and How?

The Coin Challenge starts on Monday, October 5th and will end on Friday, October 9th. On each day of the week, students will bring in a different coin and deposit there donation into either the Small or Rowell container that is located in the library. The week is as follows:

Monday = Pennies

Tuesday = Nickels

Wednesday = Dimes

Thursday = Quarters

Friday = Dollar bills