Antonio Vivaldi

[1678-1741] By: Wassim Merzoug

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Early Years

Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice Italy on March 4, 1678. He was quickly baptized by his mother due to the "danger of death." He had a health problem what he called "tightening of the chest," what we would call asthma.
Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi

Vivaldi's Music

Antonio Vivaldi is known for composing "The Four Seasons." He loved to create music with brilliant effects: wide leaps from one register to another. He was also famous for composing "The Contest of Harmony and Invention." His father, Giovanni Battista Vivaldi, taught him how to play the violin. He composed thousands of pieces. He is remembered mostly for the large number of violin concertos he wrote.
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Vivaldi's life

Vivaldi lived in Venice Italy which is found in Europe. This is a map of Europe during Vivaldi's years. Vivaldi had 8 siblings, 4 brothers and 4 sisters. At the age of 15 he studied to become a priest. He was nicknamed "the red priest" because of his red hair. He worked at a school called Ospedale della Pieta (Hospital of Mercy, it was attached to a hospital). Antonio Vivaldi left a big legacy in music.

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