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A Fabulous 5th Grade Adventure


We finished up this week with order of operations. We have moved on to fractions. Fractions can be such a difficult topic for students (and adults). Everyone sees and understands fractions in a different way. We will be doing several different activities that address fractions in different aspects. I plan to send home a fraction activity packet with your child early next week. This will be filled with fun activities and games that you can play with your child to help build their understanding of fractions. Thanks for your continued help and support at home :-)

Valentine's Box Contenst

Reading and Writing

In writing your students are working on a class news-paper. They will each be writing their own article. We can't wait to publish and share it with you.

In small group reading, each group is reading a historical fiction book based on the holocaust. They are extremely interested in these books, and their discussions have been fantastic.

In whole group reading, we have been working on identifying reading "signposts." These are elements that authors often put in fiction books. By identifying and asking questions about these signposts, we are able to better understand the story and characters.

Social Studies

In social studies, Mrs. Brekken is teaching a unit on events that lead to the Revolutionary war. On Thursday, they focused on taxes. It was so fun to see all of their different view points and opinions. Mrs. Brekken has been doing a fabulous job of having the students reflect on how these moments in history have helped form and impact the country that we live in today.

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