Gender Equality through Education

Week 23 Lesson 3 Assignment

What is gender equality through education?

Gender equality through education is the use of equal education to improve the gender equality in a community and in a country. Better education supports gender equality by providing the same level of education for both girls and boys. With an equal education between them they are able to receive jobs in the same fields and receive the same or equal pay for jobs. This method combats gender discrimination by causing it where children grow up learning with girls preventing them from seeing them differently in terms of education.
Gender Equality in Education
This video talks about how girls and boys still have an education gap. It also discusses possible ways to discourage such a gap.


Policies outside of the school

These are policies that need to be made by the government or the people in the community to promote gender equality within the schools and to prevent gender discrimination in both the schools and the community, An example of one of these policies would be public transportation that allows girls the same options as boys to get to school. Another example of a policy needed is one that promotes supporting girls education financially and mentally such as a community choosing to collect school supplies to give to girls in need.

Policies within the school

These are policies set up within the school to prevent gender discrimination and promote gender equality through education. An example is rules and punishments set up preventing other students from harming girls. Another example is setting up of materials needed for girls to receive their education comfortably and safely by giving them girls restrooms and materials within them needed especially for adolescent girls. The schools also need to make sure they hire female teachers in order to be role models to the girls and promote them continuing their education.
Gender & IDA: Fostering gender equality and empowerment
This entire 3 minute long video provides data on women equality and starting at 1:20-1:50 it discusses how education is the first step towards gender equality.

Research and Data

Data and research shows that gender equality can be achieved within education and that will lead to gender equality outside of education. Research has shown that women who receive the same quality of education as men have a better chance to receive employment with better paying positions than those who do not. Research has been conducted that shows that over the years the amount of women and girls going to school has increased however those numbers do not necessarily mean gender discrimination is completely out of education. Data shows that women have less educational opportunities in developing countries and that directly relates to the lower employment rate of women in those countries. The lower levels of women education is due to policies within and outside of the school which do not promote gender equality and discourage gender discrimination.

Your Call to Action

What can you do?

You can help promote better education without gender discrimination by reaching out in your community to help girls go to school. You also can play a major part by raising your children to not discriminate against other genders. You can volunteer at the school to help make sure that they have set up policies that discourage gender discrimination. You can help tutor students you know are having trouble in school that way they do not get left behind and are not discriminated against for that. You can also support the school having the necessary supplies and materials for girls to receive a good education by providing money for the school.

This is an interesting video as it compares the gender gap in several countries

The Global Gender Gap Report 2014