Sixteenth Summer

by: Bindu Agnes Sungbeh

The summary

This story is about a girl named Chelsea and her sisters. They are once again going to blue point for the summer. Chelsea sees her boyfriend Josh but they are not as interactive with each other anymore so they see other people for a while. When Chelsea was walking she saw a cute guy that worked at the lake and he was a lifeguard. So she asked Kevin out and he said yes. After a couple of days Chelsea and Kevin were known as a couple. Josh was really mad at Chelsea that he decided to kiss Chelsea worst enemy right In front of her face. From that day on they talked to each but every time Chelsea was with Kevin she would stare at josh so one day Kevin just said "You love him and I can see that you do so go get your man back."
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Favorite Part

My favorite part is when Chelsea says that they are not spending enough time together so they