By: Alex Morin

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Summary of the Book

The book speak starts off with melinda being a freshman in highschool she is an outcast because she called the cops at a highschool party after something happens which isn’t revealed until later in the book. She does not want to speak up nor does she have the courage to speak about the thing that happened to her at the party because it was a very traumatic experience so she doesn’t tell anybody, especially not her parents. She then has to go through her year afraid of what she calls “IT” which is related to the incident at the party. She does meet some new people and learns some things which teach her that she should speak up which leads to the courageous thing she does at the end of the book which is of course, speaking up for herself.


The conflict was character v.s. character because the whole book was pretty much how Andy Evans raped Melinda and how she dealt with it which also means that Andy Evans was the antagonist and Melinda was the protagonist and the way Melinda solved her problem was that she spoke up for herself and told Heather no which sparked the flame that was the resolution and then it came into view on pg. 194 "NNNOOO!!!" which was what she said when Andy Evans was going to rape her

Melinda Sordino

Melinda sordino is the main character she is a ninth grader who is now a freshman in highschool. she is a very ind person but her experience made her just start to shut out the world. A habit of hers is to go into her own little world and shut out people. She has a mother and a father who are concerned about her throughout the book but don't know what is wrong with her and she has grandparents who passed away years before any of her problems begin her friends are David Petrakis and she is unsure about her feelings about him and her friend at the beginning of the book is Heather who then leaves Melinda to join the Marthas and she is also friends with Ivy who was her friend before the party.
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Book Review

I rate this book a 5 because it has many details which make it so much more realistic and it has a lot of dialogue that helps explain things and it was so exciting that it was very hard to stop reading this book

Textual evidence

The most powerful quote from this book for me was when Melinda stood up to Andy Evans and said, "NNNOOO!!!" Because she spoke out and conquered her fears which just goes to show how powerful words can be


The theme for this book is to speak up because that was the whole point of this book was for Melinda to finally speak up and tell people what happened at that fateful party and I think that readers can take away the fact that speaking up is the only solution


This is a link to a website that says what sexual assault is how to help a victim of it and what to do if you are a victim of it: https://victimsofcrime.org/help-for-crime-victims/get-help-bulletins-for-crime-victims/bulletins-for-teens/sexual-assault

This is another link to a website that has information on how to help someone who is a victim of sexual assault: https://rainn.org/get-help/help-a-loved-one

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