Android Apps for K-12 Classrooms

EDU 210

Here are some examples of Apps students can use in a classroom and at home. These apps are very user-friendly, and are suitable for young students in the school. There are 5 different apps, each of them functions differently, and serves as a integration and engagement for students and the lesson they are doing in class.


- builds students' vocabulary

- easy and free to install

- great for any user, any ages

- helps students to learn English words from many other languages

- great adaptation for classrooms with ELL students

Vocabla For Teachers: How it works?


- an app to help students be stronger in their languages

- Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, English

- free to download and use

Duolingo Intro


- with pictures, text, audio

- great for younger children

- great way to have students create storybooks and use their ideas

- a small fee required for download


- has a series of apps; multiplication, addition, subtraction, division

- motivating for students as they earn rewards throughout their learning and achievements

- not timed, so students have time to work through the steps and understand the math questions before moving on

Squeebles Times Tables 2 - Quick Demo

K12 Math Sampler

- compatible with devices that run in Android; an iPad or iPhone is not necessary

- interactive activities for math for students in K-3

- variety of activities for students to work on at different stages of math

- need internet in order to use this app