By: Marissa Meyer

The author is Marissa Meyer

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The cover of Cinder

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The genre of the book is adventure. The setting is off in the future with droids and cyborgs. The plot revolves around a one of those cyborgs her name is Cinder and she has a very unknown past. Will Cinder find out about her past? Read Cinder to find out.


One of my favorite parts of Cinder is when Cinder meets Prince Kai. Also when she finds out she has immunity to letumosis which is also know as the plague. Letumosis is, in the book, the most deadliest virus in the Earth.


Some of the I didn't like was when Peony died of letumosis. She was so nice to Cinder and wanted to play with her even though she was a cyborg. Nether did I like it when the emperor died of letumosis.

Why people should read Cinder

I think people should read Cinder because it has a great flow to the book. It has a lot of detail. It has a great story line and a lot of characters. Over all everyone should read Cinder