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Week of October 31, 2016

School Mission 2016*2017

Our mission is to inspire and empower students to become engaged learners, high achieving scholars, and positive role models.

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The High Five! - Things you need to know...

  1. IMPORTANT - The procedure for calling out has been established. ADP is the official tool that we use for reporting absences. The Google phone service is a supplemental tool. YOU MUST USE ADP, no exceptions. https://workforcenow.adp.com/public/index.htm
  2. Webschool is up and running. Parent request forms are still being collected and stay tuned for an update on a quick Staff training on how to assign homework on Webschool.
  3. PBIS: please forward this link to the staff and request that they fill out the survey for the PBIS Committee https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1qF5u084DV4WpLAWl-a3PVp_Lpsq6inA5WAVlrFvsseU/edit
  4. Interim Reports that were scheduled to go home Friday, October 28th will be delayed to allow more time for testing. Term 1 Interim Reports will be finalized and sent home the week of November 8th.

  5. Take some time to have some fun! Life is full of ups and downs, focus on the goodness of life!

From the Academic Pillars 10/31

AQC Lattimer:

Please make sure you check the Google Share drive for the most updated pacing.

Please forward names of students needing coats and outerwear to Ms. Paster ASAP.

Please be mindful of students proximity to the radiators. The heat is on and they get EXTREMELY HOT!

AQC Dresher:

Please remember, and modifications or assistive methods used in reading should also be done in math. Increasingly, math skills are reliant on a student’s ability to read fluently and with a high amount of comprehension. Many students, when asked to identify the important information in a word problem, are unable to distinguish between important and extraneous information. One way to address this issue is to break the word problem apart, identify key words, and have students state what they believe the question is asking. Let us know if this worked!!

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Tiger Roars! (aka shout outs!)

Each week, we want to recognize and shout out our school staff for the small things that make our days and weeks a little easier. Whenever you see something good happening or just want to encourage a colleague, send an email to lmeyers@sabis.net with the subject line as "shoutout" then explain why in the email. We will do our best to post them as we receive them or at least on a weekly basis through the IAT Tiger Times!

This week, I want to give a shout out to the entire Bellevue Squad! You all have been dealing with "monster house" over at 720 but have continued to give your best. Shout out to you from Director, Jay!


When a teacher is confronted with a misbehaving or non-compliant student, the challenging behavior presents a puzzle to be solved. Instructors skilled in resolving behavior problems know that effective behavior management is built upon 3 assumptions (Packenham, Shute, & Reid, 2004).