iGTP Newsletter

4th Edition

Entity Partnership Updates

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Poland EP Search Tool:

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How to Join:

1. Add aiesec.australia on Skype
2. Go to www.tinyurl.com/matchwithaus - to see the participating EPMs and EPs
3. Send promotions to us before September 29 so we can also promote if ever you have
4. Prepare a tracker of Opportunities available for us - mostly starting on December 2015 - share the tracker with me (including contact details of your LCVPs and TN Managers)

During Matching Mania:

1. Participating EPMs and TN Managers will be added Malaysia-Australia matching chat (LCVPs and MCVPs are present)
2. If interview can happen during skype, please inform me beforehand.

*iGTP LCVPs, please take note to upload your all your TN in podio & I will email you about this matching mania with the agenda.*

LC Functional Coaching

Ahh.. Who's my coach again?
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Team 1

Figo (MC- Coach)

Kween Wai, UTM
Ruth Wong, UKM

Ruo Shan, UM

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Team 2

Peter (MC- Coach)

Peggy, UNMC

Seah, TU

Evelyn, SU

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Team 3

Jenna (MC- Coach)

Yithing, USM
Hsio May, UPM

Sennjiv, UTP

I hope you had a great time setting your goals with your LC coach after the launch of GE. Looking forward for a great winter peak ahead!


This is a open consultation space for all regardless of positions.

So if you have issues in running a sales team, feedbacks to me or anything that you believe that I can provide you insights. I am all up for it.

Usually, I am free after 8pm and click "I want to buy him!" to book my time.

Indonesia CEEDer

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She has been working on a pre-task before coming to Malaysia. Curious? Ask her when she's here in Malaysia. She will be here by the 2nd of October 2015

Performance Dashboard

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Guys & Girls, PLEASE UPDATE PODIO! If you don't know, please bug your LC coach to teach you. #allonpodio

To do list

1. Launch National Sales Team

2. Finalize LC Coaching Dates

3. National Member Education Materials