It's Here!

The most wonderful time of the year!

Happy November, Dazzling Divas!

You CAN Rock November! Can you feel that?

I sure can. It's called MOMENTUM and HUGE OPPORTUNITY, and it's there for the taking RIGHT NOW, if you put the necessary action in NOW.

So wherever you're at today, whether your calendar is BARE, or whether you're booking up a storm, NOW is the time to take action and really GO FOR IT this Magical Holiday Season!

A promotion? A financial goal , maybe a cold weather trip, Christmas with cash or to pay off a chunk of debt that's been keeping you awake at night? Or maybe you just want to get out of the house for a bit for a glass of wine and a little style?

You CAN do it this Season. And giving it a push NOW can sustain your Business into 2014.

Between the Wrap Up The Season rewards, the November Trunk Show Exclusives and the upcoming holidays, each and every trunk show is a golden opportunity to connect with potential hostesses to book in tight, offer the Stylist opportunity in every Group Hello, up-sell to help with their holiday gifting needs and plant seeds now for your January calendar with women who can't commit to host pre-holidays.

Think about giving yourself a little challenge: BEAT YOUR BEST. Maybe it's the number of trunk shows, the amount of sales, sponsoring, promoting - whatever it is, write it down, stick it on your bulletin board or bathroom mirror and do something every day to work toward it. You will no doubt be proud of your efforts and thrilled with your commission.

And how about a reward?!

Beat your best sales month and you're entered to win this Spring statement necklace!

It all starts with bookings! Let's start by taking the 5 bookings in 5 day challenge from Home Office! And be sure to check out our Diva FB page for daily video tips from top performers on how to make it your best holiday season yet! Join our page here:

November is full of fun incentives!

Have you explored the amazing Wrap Up Your Season Rewards to learn how YOU can earn massive amounts of FREE PRODUCT CREDIT in Q4?

This is HUGE! Not only will your earn prizes for your performance, the Home Office is also willing to pay for your spring line samples! Why not book as many shows as you can this month and in December to stack up those credits and keep your commissions to yourself?

Get the skinny here:

On top of the gifts, check out how much free product credit you can earn in Q4!

Cumulative from Oct 1st-Dec 31st.
$2,000 in sales = $350 in FREE Product Credit and you'll earn $500+ in commissions!
$5,000 in sales = $600 in FPC and $1,500+ in commissions

$7,500 in sales = $850 in FPC and $2,250+ in commissions and it keeps going!
(See below chart for details.) How amazing to earn those commissions and get all sorts of FREE product to use toward the new line launch in January!
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I absolutely LOVE our November trunk show exclusives and our customers will too!!

I can't wait to add these on to orders using Dottie!

Please join me for a Dazzling Diva gathering at my house!

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Let's make your plan to succeed!

Check out the events tab in the Stylist Lounge for meeting dates and locations near you.

If you can't attend my team event on the 11th check out these other Chicagoland events:

Oak Park -

Naperville -

Kudos to YOU! Our team rocked October!

Julie Lutz $15,405.00 - #5 out of the ENTIRE company! Beyond amazing!!

Sarah Pearsall $12,690.50

Aree Wichman $9,857.46

Laura Alexander $6,240.00

Kimberly Ribich $3,361.56

Kari Becker $3,238.26

Rima Larson $2,843.25

Dawn Caldicott $2,577.00

Janice Stifler $2,423.50

Elizabeth Olson $2,381.00

Marita Mullen $1,963.50

Erin Reichert $1,925.00

Tina Reilly $1,892.67

Kelsey Lancaster $1,850.70

Heidi Valentin $1,754.80

Amy Lapine $1,589.25

Erin Fitzgerald $1,475.05

Andrea Raymond $1,338.00

Sarah Mills $1,296.50

Nicole Rieser $1,288.05

Julie Griswold $1,278.06

Kara Tapscott $1,155.00

Jeanine Schultz $1,047.00

Allyse Jorgensen $1,044.00

Victoria Parrilli $835.50

ryann cleary $819.86

Lynn Moertl $735.75

Meredith Goldstein $714.50

Caitlyn King $677

Kimberly Gill $633

Randee Kushner $582.25

Iida Borges $545

Nina Falls $532
Kelly Mutsch $513.50

Sponsored and Qualified a New Stylist on Our Team!

Aree Wichman - 1 stylist
Randee Kushner - 1 stylist
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