Lit. Circle Project- Jean Craighead

By- Ginny Broussard


My author was born into a family with a lot of aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and of course mom, and dad. Her family was born into nature, meaning that they love nature. On their free time, like on the weekend, they would go camping. They liked to camp by Washington D.C.


When she got to third grade she started to write books. After that she never wanted to stop and just kept on writing. She wrote over 100 books. One of her books named, "Julie of wolves" won an award for most distinguished.

Fun Facts-

One of the books called "My side of the Mountain" won an award as well. Also, she has won twenty other awards for other books. Another fact about her is that her middle name is Craighead. When she was little she and her family lived near Washington D.C.


The school that she went to was Penn State University. When she graduated she got her degree in Science and Literature. After that, she became a News Reporter in 1940's. She also fell in love and had 3 children.


When she got married she had 3 children. There names were Twig, Craig, and Luke. They all were as much into nature as she was. When they had free time they would go and play outside. They all loved animals and loved to play with them.


After she gave birth to her three children she was back into nature. She loved it so much that she had gotten over 173 wild animals and they would live in there house and in there yard. Most of the animals that she had would be characters in the books that she would write. They would love to stick around and hang out with them until it became dark outside.


Years latter she found out that you could talk to wolves. So, she went on a trip to Naval Arctic Research Laboratory in Barrow, Alaska. When she want she took her son, Luke. When she was there she learned to talk to wolves in there language! She talked to a wove over there as well.

Facts About Her Kids-

When Twig, Luke, and Craig were old enough to go out by themselves they would go outside. They liked to canoe, hike, and climb mountains. They all took on the love of nature the same way her mom had done! But, when they grew up both Luke and Craig became environmental sciences. And when Twig grew up, she became an author just like her mom.

Coming Home-

She loved to travel and kept on doing it. When she got home she would sit down and start on her book. She would sit at a little desk and let the memories flow and that's where she got her ideas flow. She then started to add color to her books to make them more realistic.


When Jane died she was 92. She had written over 100 novels and her best one that everyone thought was the best was, "Julie and the wolves." She has won many awards on that book. But still, her love of nature never failed and lived with her forever.

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