The Time Machine

By: H.G. Wells



My Favorite Scene...

My favorite scene was when the Time Traveler was fighting the Morlocks. This was my favorite scene because H.G. Wells gave such vivid description in the chapter. In this chapter the Time Traveler was fighting the Morlocks after they had taken Weena (a child of the Eloi people) because the Morlocks favorite food is the meat of the Eloi people. The weapon the Time Traveler used was a metal stick he had found. He also used some matches because he found out that the Morlocks were afraid of light and fire. They were nocturnal animals. They fought running down a hill and through the dark woods. The only sound the Time Traveler could hear was the sounds of the sizzling matches.

Below is selected chapters and a short summary of each one:

The Time Traveler's New Idea

Thursday dinners were pretty regular; talk, eat, talk. That is all they did. That changed when an clever man invented a time machine and a model; he planned to share his brilliant idea at the Thursday dinner with everyone in town.

A Clever Trick of Some Kind

After the Time Traveler shared his idea the town folk were stunned. Then he showed them the model; they all exclaimed it must be a clever trick of some kind.

The Flight Through Time

He takes a ride on the time machine and sees many wonderful things. He travels to the year 802,701 A.D.

Little Weena

Weena is a child of the Eloi people and becomes the Time Traveler's best friend. Weena gets kidnapped by the Morlocks.

The Morlocks

The Morlocks are ape like animals with white hair and glaring red eyeballs. There favorite snack is the Eloi people.

The Palace Of Green Porcelain

The palace of green porcelain sat high on a hill. Inside there was a long hall with displays and exhibits. There were air tight glass cases full of ancient fossils of every kind. They kept walking and found a room full of big machines.

Into The Dark Woods

The Morlocks followed the Time Traveler and Weena into the dark woods.

Fear and Fire

The Morlocks grabbed the Time Traveler and pulled him away from Weena. They kidnap Weena and pull the Time Traveler into the bottom of the White Sphinx. He pulls the levers and flies even farther into the future.

Into the Far Future

He flies into the far future and all that's left is a beach with huge crab like creatures. Then he flies another hundred years and sees the same things. He pulls the levers backwards instead of forward, and comes back home in time for dinner.

Back Home-in Time for Dinner

The Time Traveler comes back home and tells the story to his 10 dinner guests.

"Just Give Me Half an Hour..."

The Time Traveler lays awake thinking most of the night about his adventures that day. He sees the Phantom who talks to the Time Traveler who then agrees for the Phantom to take the time machine.