Special Services

January 18, 2016


Peer Reveiw Tuesday, January 19th

Carol Loveless, Tamara Carter, Alex Greenfield, Minerva Gonzales

Special Education Law Webinar, January 28th, 2:00 pm

Please contact Sherry for more details.

Parenting with Love and Logic, Tuesday, February 2nd.

Tuesday evenings for 6 weeks, 6:30 - 8:00 pm.

Do you have a BI Para in your back pocket? We are looking for some.

Please share any names or ideas you have about recruiting BI paras with Sherry. We are in need.
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At the beginning of the school year, it was determined we would not be holding IEP meetings in May. Hopefully all case managers have been moving IEPs up so April meetings are not impacted. There are 3 ½ months left in the school year to hold IEP meetings. Please schedule accordingly with your school psychologist and related service providers. All new referral forms will need to be completed by the end of February with consent to assess signed by your school psychologist and parents / guardian to allow 60 days for evaluations and meeting. The only meetings held in May should be for students who transfer into our district in late April or in May. Stipends will not be paid for annual or 3 year reevaluation IEPs with meetings held in May.

Please recycle all blue folders that are in ok shape. They are expensive. If you have extra ones please share.

This article is an awesome follow up to last week's Ted Talk by Angela Lee Duckworth on Grit. It can be accessed by clicking on the title above.
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Spring Course Registration -- Registration opens TODAY

Courses offered:

Autism Spectrum Disorder: From Characteristics to Interventions

Communicative Competence in Learners with Significant Disabilities

Executive Function to Intervention and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Quality Literacy Instruction for Students with ASD

Stress and Children and Youth with Significant Disabilities

Teaching, Supporting, and Including Students on the Spectrum

Universal Design for Learning: Curriculum for All Learners

Why Aren't You Paying Attention?

The dates for the above courses are January 13, 2016 - May 2, 2016. Visit the Idaho Training Clearinghouse to download the syllabi and register.

SESTA Request Assistance Form

You can seek assistance for special education training, technical assistance, and/or information and resources across topics to support you, your school, and your district. Submission of form is routed to the Instructional Coordinator for your district and he/she will follow-up to assist you.

New RTI Module

Our interactive Response to Intervention (RTI) Modules provide an overview of various elements of RTI. Watch the most recent module released today, January 13, Tiered Interventions. Other modules can be viewed by year under "Trainings" on the RTI page.
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