What really happened during 9/11?

Kevin Schulfer

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What people think happened

Most people see 9/11as a terrorist attack. They believe that Saudi Arabia had suicide. They believe that there were 4 planes involved. They think that two of these airplanes hit the Twin Towers, one hit the pentagon, and another one hit a field in Pennsylvania. These "planes" that hit these buildings destroyed the buildings and killed over 3,000 people.
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What really happened

9/11 was all caused by the government. There were no planes involved with these incidents. The planes that everyone saw were holograms. The government planted bombs inside of where they made these planes hit and when these "planes" hit the building they would have the bombs set to go off. As far as the pentagon goes there wasn't even a plane involved. The videos show there is no plane. The government had only planted another bomb inside to just blow it up. If these so called "planes" hit the twin towers there jet fuel that everyone thinks melted the steel structure didn't melt it. Jet fuel doesn't get to a hot enough temp. to actually start to melt this steel. The government also does predictive programming in shows like family guy. Family Guy aired a show that had 9/11 in it and many things to show it was about to happen and that show was aired a week or two right before 9/11 happened. They throw these things right in front of us and not many people notice. There are many reasons the government did this but the main reasons were basically to start some little wars with other countries and make more money off of it and try to scare people.
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Media Bias Explained

The reasons for all of this controversy over 9/11 is because people saw it for there owns eyes and people pass on what they see or here. What they saw was real with the building falling and exploding but most people don't know that the government caused this and not some terrorists.

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People that were actually there that day when it all happened would not believe the truth because they think they saw it as terrorists and not the government because they "care" about us which they don't. Even people that know friends and families of all the people killed from it probably wouldn't believe it. Its a sad thing but God only wants certain people to know these things.

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Many people also don't know that the government is actually 500 years ahead of what we all know right now in technology. We already know how to make holograms and make them look insanely real. The government is ran by Satan for the most part. They don't care about killing people or hurting them. They only care for the money and to get to the very top and be the leaders of the whole world


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