Fashion Trends in the 1920s

By: Abby James, Allison Tipton, and Lauren Bernhardt

Women's Fashion: The Flapper Style

The women in the 20s began to have more freedom and independence so they started changing their style to a more "free-spirited" fashion. They wore more loose-fitting clothes and had a bobbed hairstyle.

Clara Bow

Clara Bow was born on July 29, 1905 in Brooklyn, NY. She was an actress in Hollywood and was given the nickname, "It" Girl. She portrayed the flapper girl image really well and was an inspiration for many ladies in the 1920s.

Men's Fashion in the 1920s

Men's fashion went through a radical transformation in the 1920's. The "Jazz Age" was really reflected on men's clothing. Men usually were in three piece suits that were slim, unpadded jackets over the trousers, and fabric and colors were lighter than anyone had seen in years. They also wore tight jackets with sloping shoulders and ties and knit ties were also very popular. Hats were also very popular and no man of any class was in public without a hat.