5 Things To Remember

By:Allie Davis


In reading we have allot of expectations. Some of the things we do are quizlets, Aow, WordlyWise, Novels, and our Reading Logs.


Every week we get a new quizlet with all our WordlyWise words on it. On quiz let we have to do learn, scatter, test, and speller. All quizlets are due on Friday. Quizlet is one of the things that we do all year for homework. You can do one a night or do them all in one day, however you choose. I myself don't think that the quizlets are to hard, they actually go by quickly.


We have a week to complete an AOW which stands for Article of the Week. We get a new AOW every Wednesday . There are instructions written on your AOW so that you know exactly what to do. These articles are interesting and fun to read. They are easy passages with some questions. You will have class time to complete your AOW but you can work on it at home if you need some extra time.

Wordly Wise

Every Monday we get a WordlyWise packet and quizlets. Our packet is usually completed in class and the quizlets are homework. Our packet (including the passage) is due on the following Monday. So you get a week to complete the packet. On Friday you will have a test on all of your WordlyWise words.


In reading we read novels. All of the novels I thought were very great. You will get different assignments for different chapters in novels. You might get comprehension questions or a discussion board. Sometimes we read by ourselves and sometimes we will read with a parter our with the people at our table.

Reading Logs

Every Monday we get a Reading Log that is due the following Monday. We do our reading logs for homework every night. We have to read for 20 minutes then we answer questions about our book. Sometimes we are aloud to use our novels for our reading logs. We have to get a parent signature when we finish our reading log so that our parents can see what we have done.


In math we do centers, buzz math, Ixl, and tenmarks. We can't forget our homework either.


In math we really don't have allot of homework. Usually all that we have is a math packet that is given to us Monday and due Friday. The packets are about what we have been learning in class and they don't take to long to complete. Sometimes you might get a IXL contract that will have some IXL'S that twill be due on friday.


In math we do allot of centers. Sometimes you work at your own pace by yourself and sometimes you will work with your table. Usually your teacher will give a lesson on the subject then you will begin your centers. Most of the time there are 6 centers and you do 2 centers a day. Then after the 3 days of centers you may get an extra day to catch up on the centers you didn't complete.

IXL, Buzzmath, Tenmarks

We use IXL, Buzzmath and Tenmarks allot. I bet if you were here last year you used IXL allot and maybe ten marks but buzz math will be new to you. Buzz math gives you assignments from your teacher and when you complete the assignment you get a star. Sometimes you get prizes for getting so many stars. In our classroom we get prizes after we get so many stars. You probably know what IXL and ten marks are.


In 6th grade you have to do a gateway project. The project takes a long time to complete and will not be completed in a day or a week. The gateway project is very stressful to the teachers so make sure you listen very closely when you start your gateway project. After you complete your gateway project then you present it to your family and teachers.


In 6th grade you will get a behavior card that you turn in at the end of the day. If you get a mark on your card you will not get a star or teacher signature for that day. After 5,10,15,and 20 marks on your card you will face a consequence. It is not hard to be good so just keep your teachers happy and be an awesome student.


In 6th grade you are responsible for allot but remember you are only responsible for you not your friends. You need to keep up with your class work and make sure you get good grades. Your grades should be important to you and you should always try for A or AB honor roll.