December Newsletter

Ms. Tannous's First Grade Class

Welcome to our class newsletter!

My name is Alyssa Tannous, and I have been a first grade teacher for three years now. I am so excited to get to share all our exciting new with all the parents! Our monthly newsletter will contain important and exciting information for our first grade class. An updated one will be sent out every month and I will email a link to all parents, so please keep your eye out for it! Happy reading!

Snowflakes and Candy Canes!

The holidays are just around the corner, and so is our class Christmas party! Please start thinking about what your family can bring to make the celebration a grand one! We have a sign up list started, so please send your child in with a note about what you would like to contribute. It can be anything from utensils to a delicious snack, or even a homemade decoration for the class to enjoy! Anything will be appreciated, so please do not feel like you need to bring in a five star dessert! We look forward to seeing everyone on December 14th at 2:15pm!

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Spring Field Trip Information

This upcoming spring, the first grade class will make their way to Old MacDonald's Farm for our field trip! About midway into the month, informational flyers will be sent home that will include all the information for our trip, including the date, supplies that are needed, and expectations on the day of. There will also be a few sheets that will need to be signed and returned to school by the last day before holiday break, December 20th. If you are interested in being a parent chaperone, there is form that will be included with everything else. Please fill it out and turn it in with the permission slips!

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Worker Bee of the Month

This month's Worker Bee is Sally Sweetheart! Sally is 7 years old, and her birthday is January 11th. Sally loves math, and her favorite thing to do is to work with the counting bears and stacking blocks that we have in class! This month, she is looking forward to learning more of her first grade spelling words. Sally rides horses and plays piano when she gets home from school during the week, and when she is older she wants to be a horse riding instructor!

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Virtual Game Spotlight

The game of the month is one that had been a very big part of our classroom this past month! It is called Arty’s Smarty Doors, and it is a fun interactive game that focuses on getting the students to recognize when words share similar sounds with each other. I have enjoyed getting to watch all the children have fun with this game in class, and I know that your child will love being able to share this game with you! I am sure that they will be excited to show you what we have been working on in class! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, and I would also love to hear how your child does with this game at home!

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