A swim in my flippers

Makenzy Carothers

More about flippers

In the 15th century Leonardo Da Vinci experimented with various devices to improve the physical conduction: wings, vehicles, and swim fins. Colonial Americans were not good at swimming and most people died drowning, but one 11 year old boy loved to swim. The ingenious child strapped thin planks of wood to his feet and hands there for increasing his speed and effiency in the water. Young Benjamin Franklin had discovered the swim fin.

Swimming in flippers

When you first put the flippers on it feels kind of weird, but once you get in the water you get a rush of excitement. When you start to kick your legs you can start to feel the water rushing past you as you fly through the water. When you see someone using flippers you might think that the person was wearing them for fun or was a professional.

How flippers relate to me

My connection to flippers is that I love to swim. I swam in the high school swim team. Swimming gives you good exercise in you core arms and legs but when you use flippers it gives you double the exercise. I got my first pair of flippers in 4th grade when I started doing year round swimming. I wouldn't be as good as a swimmer as I am today without flippers.
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