The Hunger Games

By: Alison Howell


There are districts and the districts are people who live in a fenced area, they don't have much food because they had to either trade or they would have to find food themselves. I the games they had to fight and kill in order to survive.

Main Character

Katniss is the main character because, she is the only person in the 75 years they have been doing the Hunger Games she is the first person to volunteer. She volunteered for her sister Prim who was only 12 and was her first year of doing it. So Prim didn't have to be in the Hunger Games, Katniss did.


There are 24 people from each district and they all have to fight in the Hunger Games. They have to fight to survive and the last person standing wins the game. There were a lot of people who died the first day but she still lived.

Rising Action A.

They were trying to make Katniss die because she wasn't really in the game so the people who created the game put a fire in the forest so Katniss would move from her spot. She did and still survived but she was being chased by a group of people who were trying to kill her but she got away.

Rising Action B.

There was a problem because, there were only 4 people left and Katniss found Peeta in his disguise and he was wounded in the knee. She helped him heal because, Katniss likes Peeta and they kissed in a cave. Once they were the only 2 standing they would let both of them live. Katniss and Peeta were in love and they were the only two left standing and they said if they both don't get to live, they will kill themselves with poisoned berries so there wasn't a winner, but the person in charge of the games said they could both be the winners of the 75th Hunger Games.


Peeta and Katniss both survived the Hunger Games and they both would live together forever.