Taylor Talk Tuesday -August 27

Events, news, and important info from Taylor Elementary

Upcoming Events

8/29- K-2 & Cross Cat Unit Curriculum Night

9/2- No School

9/4- Grades 3-5 Curriculum Night

9/10- PTA Meeting @ 6:30

What is Curriculum Night?

Curriculum Night is a time for parents to come in and hear a presentation from your child's teacher that highlights the learning your child will do this year, the expectations they have, and how you can help them. It is also a chance for you to get your questions answered. Presentations start promptly at 6:00 and 7:15. Doors will open at 5:45. We ask your cooperation in arriving promptly so that teachers can begin. Anyone arriving after 6:10 will have to attend the second presentation. From 6:50-7:10 all families are invited to move to the cafeteria for a building presentation on initiatives, arrival and dismissal changes, and a PTA update. We will also have computers available for you to update your child's EMA paperwork for the year.

This is an important event that all should attend. Due to limited space in the classrooms, parents are encourage to leave students at home if possible.

Arrival and Dismissal Changes

We are working with our Business Department and the Colerain Police Department to make some changes to our arrival and dismissal plan now that we know the approximate number of cars that we are having each day. This plan should be finalized in the next few days. We ask your patience as we roll out a new plan in order to get students to and from school safely and get you on your way as soon as possible.

One change that I can report is that we are getting a walking lane put in this weekend along with a line showing the two lanes of traffic. Please be aware of these lines, especially the walker lane.

Special Area Grades

We have changed our special area schedule around a bit this year so that students can have a better experience in Art and P.E.. Instead of having these classes every 6 school days, students will have one of them every 3 days for a quarter. This will allow for deeper teaching and mastery of skills in P.E. and the opportunity for more elaborate projects in Art. Students will have 2 quarter of each content throughout the year. They will receive grades for PE and Art when they have the class and will receive Music grades the 2nd and 4th quarter of school.

We are a Nut-Free Building

Taylor is a nut-free building. This means that we do not allow for food to enter the building and be distributed to students that contains any type of nuts. Students may pack nut items in their lunch. These stay secured in their lunch boxes and are only eaten in the cafeteria. We have nut-free tables established for our students with allergies. All food served in our cafeteria is nut-free. Below is a list of nut-free products that are permitted in the building. This list is important to keep in mind during room parties and can also be found in our handbook. Please note that cupcakes are not permitted at Taylor. Many cupcakes that are brought in contain nuts. Given that fact and the mess that they cause, we simply have chosen to ban them from the building.

Nut Free Packaged Foods “Safe List”

As members of the school community, we try to be very cautious when giving a list of “safe packaged food”. This is because there are changes in manufacturing processes’, legislation around labeling, and ingredient lists are known to change frequently. As a rule of thumb, there are almost no brands that are safe across the whole brand. Some manufacturers do a great job and actually make products that have nuts, in a completely separate facility to ensure safety. The best example of this is that ‘Cheerios’ are made in a different facility than the ‘Honey Nut Cheerios’. However, some manufacturers do not use a different facility and therefore the label may read “made in a facility that also processes nuts”. If we find this on a label, we do not use that food product. When in doubt, call the manufacturer. Most large food manufacturers of the products listed below are aware of people that have food allergies and do a good job labeling their products. With this in mind, we will not use homemade or locally produced foods where they might not label to the extent that we need. For your use as a guide, not an authority, we have put together a list of foods that we know to be nut-free and safe.

We cannot stress enough the importance of label reading every time you purchase foods to send into your child’s classroom.

Chips/Pretzels: Doritos Cheetos Ruffles Tostitos Lays Original, Baked, Classic, & Wavy Snyder’s Pretzels of Hanover Wise Cheese Doodles Wise Popcorn Sunchips Smart Popcorn Pringles Stacey’s Pita Chips Newman’s Own Pretzel sticks/rounds Pirates Booty-Aged White Cheddar, Sour Cream Skinny Pop

Crackers/Cookies: Teddy Grahams Honey Maid Grahams Barnum’s Animal Crackers Fig Newton’s Nilla Wafers Oreo’s Wheat Thins Triscuits Cheese Nips Sociables Premium Saltines Keebler Wheatables Keebler Club Crackers Town House Crackers Cheez-its (regular) Pepperidge Farms Goldfish-original

Cereals: Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Rice Krispies Cereal Raisin Bran Frosted Mini Wheats Cheerios (Original only) Rice Chex Wheat Chex Quaker Brand Life Cereal

Miscellaneous Treats: Pop Tarts Nutrigrain Cereal Bars (not the soft bakes) Rice Krispie

Treats Kraft String-ums Cheese Sunkist Fruit Snacks Kraft Marshmallows Dole Fruit Bowls Musselman Applesauce Sunmaid Raisins Jell-0 gelatin & pudding cups

Candy Options:

Airheads Airheads extreme sour belts Altoids (original/cinnamon) Andes Mints Blow Pops (Charms) Bottle Caps Bubble Tape gum Charleston Chews Dots Dubble bubble Dum Dum lollipops Fun Dip Gobstoppers Good and Plenty Hershey’s (plain chocolate bar) Hot tamales Hubba Bubba Jolly Rancher gummies

Jolly Rancher hard candy Junior Mints Kisses (plain kisses only) Laffy Taffy Life Savers hard candies Life Savers gummies Life Savers gummy sours Mentos Mike and Ike (all flavors) Milk Duds Nerds Nerds Rope Now and Later Peeps Pixie Stix Push Pops Red Vines Ring Pops Rolos Runts Shock Tarts

Skittles (all flavors) Smarties Sour Patch Kids soft and chewy Sour Punch Straws Starburst (all flavors) Starburst jellybeans (all flavors) Starburst lollipops (all flavors) Sugar babies Sugar daddies Swedish fish Sweetarts Tic Tacs Tootsie Roll Pops Tootsie Rolls Twizzlers Whoppers (original) York Peppermint Patties

Skittles (all flavors) Smarties Sour Patch Kids soft and chewy Sour Punch Straws Starburst (all flavors) Starburst jellybeans (all flavors) Starburst lollipops (all flavors) Sugar babies Sugar daddies Swedish fish Sweetarts Tic Tacs Tootsie Roll Pops Tootsie Rolls Twizzlers Whoppers (original) York Peppermint Patties

*This list is not meant to be exhaustive, as there are other nut free snacks available from various area grocers. It remains the responsibility of the provider of the snack to check and double check the manufacturer’s ingredients list for safety.

Did you know...?

Did you know that Taylor increased their 3rd grade proficiency on the State Assessment by 18.6 percentage points from the 2017-2018 school year?

Did you know that Taylor increased their Performance Index score by 2.8 points?

Did you know that Taylor improved their Gap Closing grade from an F in 2017-2018 to a B in 2018-2019?

We are proud of our improvement and now have some baseline data to build upon for 4th & 5th grade. We are excited to see the additional gains that our students are going to make this year!

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