Factors of Ageing

Development through the lifestages

Depending on the different activities that an individual does within their life time can depend on how one ages. For example if someone was working in a physical job then this could put strain on their body which can lead to many difficulties to the joints as the ageing process begins. However, this can improve the life expectancy of an individual because as health care has improved, it can ensure that people are maintain their health for a longer period of time. The change in family patterns can also vary at the rate in which people age. For example if there are hereditary conditions that people are at risk from getting then the pattern in which it goes down within generations can depend. Health care also plays an important role in this as professionals can help to ensure that the individuals health is maintained and monitored. As the individual becomes older the more frail that they become. For example if someone's mobility is becoming declined, then the individual may need some support such as a zimmer frame or something that can help to stabilize them while they are walking and being mobile.

It can become beneficial to the carer when they receive feedback from the individual to ensure that they are comfortable with the care that they are receiving. The carer can review from the individuals perspective as they feel that their dignity is not being respected enough.


Cells dies as a result of them not receiving the correct nutrients for cells to repair, function and reproduce. Every cell within the body needs nutrients such as oxygen, amino acids, sugars etc. The food need to be absorbed into the blood stream and divided between the cells that need it the most. When the food lacks the vitamins and minerals that the cells need, can force foods to grown in impoverished soil. If the cells are not receiving the essentials they need, this can cause the requirement of vitamins and minerals.

Insufficient Sleep

Sleep can have many benefits on our bodies as throughout the day gravity is forcing the body in a vertical position. When gravity is pulling down, the spine is compressed and the heart and vascular system struggles to pump the blood against the pull. When sleeping, laying down, the heart and vascular system can rest and the spine can regenerate. Specific hormones such as the growth hormone will only produce when the individual is sleeping. The brain and nervous system relaxes and forms a state that is not present when the individual is awake.


Ageing can affect physical function to the individual. Molecules, cells and tissues can start to damage and can put the individual at a greater danger of many diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disorders. The DNA can start to gradually become damaged which can be affected by DNA structure. Ageing is a process that has many different factors. The lifespan of an individual can vary on the individual and can result in errors to the adult stem cells.Ageing of genes can have affects of structure and function. The amount of molecular errors can be defined due to genetics and hereditary environment.


Unhealthy habits such as smoking and having an unhealthy diet can be a factor as to why the individual is put more more at risk to die. Having a healthy lifestyle will have an input when ageing healthy and can reduce the mortality risk. Exercise is also important to have a healthy lifestyle.


The area in which the individual lives in can have an input to them ageing. Factors such as sunlight and radiation can have an input to the individual ageing quicker compared to others. Suffering psychological stress also have an affect on the individuals ageing process. The amount that someone work and where they live can have an impact because some maybe exposed to infectious diseases more than others. Being exposed to high rates of radiation from sources such as x-rays can result in diseases over time. The environment in which someone is exposed to the different amounts of radiation can vary.


Towards the end of someone's life there are 3 stages that determine how quickly someone ages. For example when an elderly person is vulnerable this is when they begin to frail an they have many health and cognitive problems. These individuals will need to be cared for, this can be formal or informal carers. The worst case is that they might need to move into a different living arrangement to ensure that their individual needs are met. The dependent elder stage is when someone needs help with their care every day to ensure that their health is maintain for example they might need to have daily washes and help with a shower or bath. The end of life stage can last up to six months. This stage is when the individual is diagnosed with diagnosed with a terminal condition or a disease that can end the individuals life. This may cause the individual to go into a hospice, a nursing home or to go into a hospital.

Erickson theory focused on how peoples culture and society can take place and influences between the id and superego. The sense of trust is formed by resloving crises. It is also important that people have a role within in society and they can identify this. A bond between a carer and the patient will be created so that individuals can be trust the carer. The lifespan model with 5 different stages starting from the age of 18 and 3 other stages into adulthood. However, Erikson suggests that there is room for the individual to continue to grow after these stages are completed. One of the most important stages is believed to be the adolescent period as this is when individuals start to identify themselves. Erikson believes that the individual continues to maintain the same personality.