Johanna July

biography of information

As a Child

Johanna July was born in Mexico, 1871. As a child, Johanna hated being indoors. She was happiest when she was outside with animals. For example, she loved fish, wandered through hills, herded goats, and rode horses.

Teenage Years

As Johanna grew, her family thought about moving to Texas. When she turned 13, her family moved to Texas to live with other African American and seminole families. A few years later, her father died and the responsibility was given to Johanna for tending to the animals.


After Johanna was given the responsibility for caring for the animals one of her jobs was to gentle wild horses, and to train them to accept the saddle and bridle.


As a adult Johanna got married and children. she continued to do the things she did as a child and trained horses and mules. she is famous for being a hard working and great cow woman.