Rebecca Woods

MA Organizational Management - Alumni

A little bit about me...

I can be known as the person who is not afraid to try anything at least once. This includes online college where I found the ability to learn, struggle, and thrive in obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management. I believe making it through this stage of life I was able to grow and push myself to be more than I had thought possible and build a great confidence in trying new things. My motto in life is, "It is never too late…one can dive deep into any element they choose regardless of age."'

At 34 years old I am thankful to know I took the dive into education. I started this journey shortly after a divorce with a lot of unknowns, fear, and the need to make a difference in my children’s lives. When I started my college education my children were 2, 4, 6, and 8…now they are 9, 11, 13, and 15. The example of how important education is and the need to show my children to never give up pushed me through my Master’s in Organizational Management here at Ashford. I graduated with my Masters in May of 2015.

It took some sacrifices over the years to complete this goal but motivation and passion drove the goal home. While studying over the last seven years I have worked for a local financial institution, learned how to sail, target shoot, fly fish, acrylic paint, brew beer, obtained my amateur radio license, and grown immensely as a person. Passion for each new hobby has led to large amounts of activities and making choices of which activity gets the attention for a season of time. The great motivators in my life are my children and my boyfriend who provide nothing but encouragement.

I have decided to be a mentor with Ashford because I believe it can make a difference in a new student’s success at Ashford. The goal is to make a difference in as many students’ lives as possible to help them reach their goals and show that it can be done.