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How to Sell Your Properties Quickly & It's Tax Deductible

Quick Sales & Tax Write Offs

Stefania Masoni has cleared properties for more than twenty years. Her specialty is shifting energies in homes, offices and land for quick sale. Real estate associates enjoy speedy sales
a tax write off and happy clients.

Stefania's clients include: Néstle Waters-Perrier, Cooke Pine Capital, Chase Bank, Citigroup, Corcoran Group, Newmark Knight & Frank, Grubb & Ellis, The Adler Group, Sothebys, Weichert, Coldwell Banker, Prudential, David Ogilvy & Associates and Santa Fe Properties.

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I reside in Santa Fe, NM and my work often involves traveling to properties in the Continental US and Internationally, my suggestion is to book your appointments in advance.

Estimates & reasonable rates based on square footage.


I had Stefania come look at the plans for my new Austin condo from a Feng Shui viewpoint and she was very helpful. Thank you for your services Stefania!

Ann W. Richards

Governor of Texas

I invited Stefania to review a new construction, it had been built over a small cottage that had been on the property. A year after construction and a magnificent home

had been built we had no offers which seemed strange. I asked Stefania to perform a blessing on the property in order to sell the new home. After Stefania was there, within a short time, we received offers to purchase the property.

Randi Rituno

William Pitt Real Estate

I asked Stefania to view my apartment which had been sitting on the market for more time than I had anticipated. Through her ceremonial work she shifted the energies , the condo sold shortly after Stefania completed her magic. I am feeling much calmer and I am closing on several properties.

Victoria Kortes

The Corcoran Group

"When David Stanke invited Stefania Masoni, a Feng Shui master, to cleanse his apartment and to liberate the spirits she coaxed her ceremonial plumes everywhere.

Formally trained in business, David was smart enough to know that to give this experiment a fair enough shake it was best for him to bracket skepticism and surrender to the motion of the procedure. When I asked Stefania, hesitantly, whether Feng Shui could ever be applied to the site (World Trader Center – Ground Zero) she answered instantly: “That’s my dream”…like oriental ghost busters, in work boots, hardhats, and respirators with flashlights, feng shui was no more than anything else in Lower Manhattan during that time that I was shooting.”

Peter Josyph

Documentary Filmmaker & Writer

“Liberty Street: Encounters at Ground Zero”

Stefania Masoni is a Master of Feng Shui and is extremely effective in clearing energy, creating harmony, her clearing ceremony is not only beautiful but deeply felt after its completion. I felt the results immediately, I had more vitality, and new opportunities. This was not only felt by me, my clients remarked about “the change”

in my office.

LLorraine Neithardt

Cultural Visionary & Mentor

New York, NY

Stefania has “magical and special power” that can help you achieve a transformation to make your home happy and comfortable. My family has felt the difference as we have used her services since 2002. She is professional and an expert in her field yet caring and sensitive to each person’s needs. She has a special “gift” which one can only understand when you see her at work and the positive energy left in your home afterwards.

Eichiro & Yumi Kuwana

Cook Pine Capital

Tokyo, Japan