Land of Canada

Treaties and Canadian Identity

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Canada's land is important to Canada's identity and the treaties. Treaties were made in the different regions of Canada, as well as historical events. Rocky mountains, statues of respected people in Canada, National Lands and lands like Canada's 7 wonders. Those places are what identifies Canada and it's people.


Treaties are an agreement between people or a country. In Canada, there are a total of 11 treaties made between the Aboriginal people and the monarch of Canada between the year 1871 and 1921. Treaties benefit both the Aboriginal people and the Canadians in ways like education, annual payments for the Aboriginal people, able to hunt, fish and farm, medical care and also reserved lands.

Canadian Identity

A Canadian identity is way of describing what it means to be a Canadian. A Canadian identity can tell you the difference between you and other people around the world. The word means many things to other people. Canadian identity can come from many things like, historical events - like the the confederation of Canada where provinces join to make it , culture - like food,music art, or stories and the land , symbol, and the people of Canada. O' Canada is Canada's national anthem and it would also be a good way to know Canadian identity.

Art - Indigenous people created art for thousands of years prior to the arrival of the European newcomers. Their art reflects ideas about identity, community, language and change. The Indigenous people used objects and items from ceremonies and storytelling. The Indigenous arts became a symbol for Canadian Identity because of the culture and history of their arts.

Music - In Canada, music shows the country's diverse roots and history and Canadian music covers everything from traditional fiddle music to rap.

Literature - Canadian writers explore what it is like to live in Canada through their novels, poetry, and short stories. The Canadian writers also show Canadian identity by telling stories of Canadians and newcomers to Canada like the European explorers.

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