Classy Cats Volunteering

NJHS Individual Project

Classy Cats Organization

Classy Cats is a nonprofit feline adoption and rescue organization. However, Classy Cats isn't just another rescue group, but instead are a very experienced organization. All of the volunteers and founders within Classy Cats have been working for over 25 years so they are very experienced and know how to handle their rescues. The Classy Cats organization work very hard to socialize their rescued cats for adoption and also have three main goals. Their first goal is to find and locate a loving home for rescued cats as soon as possible. Classy Cats ensures that the cats' new homes are suitable and loving before they are adopted. Their second goal is to educate society on how important it is to spay and neuter cats so their litters won't be killed. Their third goal is to educate adopters on how important it is to adopt a cat for life. This means no returning cats because they can't handle their cat or can't own one. The Classy Cats organization knows their goals and achieves them with new cats being rescued everyday.

My Experience

The Classy Cats organization lives up to everything they say. The founders are very serious and aware of the jobs they do. With newly rescued cats coming in everyday, volunteers and founders work as hard as possible getting cats suited to their new home, but also finding a new, loving home for them. Volunteers work hard and seriously everyday by doing a set number of tasks which provide the rescued cats with a clean, safe shelter until they are adopted into a loving home. Classy Cats not only tries to educate the society on how important it is to spay and neuter cats, but also volunteers with many signs and posters put up around the shelter telling how important it is to spay and neuter cats. Volunteers and founders are very loving with rescues, spending time with them, playing with them and cleaning out their living areas. Classy Cats doesn't just let anyone volunteer, ensuring that the volunteers will treat the cats nicely and take their jobs seriously. They do this by requiring a form to be filled out asking for age, experience and many other things that will make sure the cats will be treated right. Volunteer applicants are then screened.
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Above is one of many pictures I have of kittens playing and getting used to their new home. This was my very first experience with kittens which I will remember all my life. I also had the opportunity to play with young cats that were just as rambunctious as the kittens were and happy to have human interaction.

Project Conclusion

I am very happy I was able to participate in this volunteer program. Since we don't have cats in our home at present, it was a great way to enjoy the feline experience while helping the people who spend their time and money on finding homes for these sweet creatures. By spending time with the kittens and cats, I knew I was helping them get used to people and they in turn helped me feel better about what I was doing. They nuzzled me, played with toys and purred when happy. I also realized how important upkeep is in having a cat as a pet. Every moment spent with a young cat means a happier experience for their future lives as well as those of their future owners. I felt like I was not only helping the kittens and cats, but the people who would adopt them in the future.