Redeemer Kids


Hey Derek, Lai Kein, Jon, Sarah, Clint, and Rachel,

This is just a quick reminder that you are scheduled to teach this next Sunday. This week we will be on Lesson 52 continuing in the book of 1 Samuel with the story of Samuel's calling as a prophet. The key Bible truth is "In the mIdst of Israel’s great sIn, God raIses up a prophet."

This will be our third week with our Lead Teaching Team. What this means is that Classroom Teachers won't have introduce the story. The Lead Teacher will handle that in an extended large group time. So you will recap the story with your kids then move on to the questions for discussion and any additional activities that can tie in to the lesson. The older classes can also go into the story in more detail.

Take some time this week to look over the lesson and activities. Figure out what the story means and how it applies to your own life. Then begin to think about how it applies to the kids in your class.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all. We will all learn together as we make this transition. I am glad to partner with you in telling the marvelous deeds of the Lord to these children.

In Christ,