Friday Flight

December 5, 2014

Please review the Memo to stay current on building parent communication & events!

BOE Meeting- Hope to see you!

On December 10th, Lowell will host the Board of Education meeting at 7:30. We will have a brief school presentation at the beginning, and we welcome staff to join us for that first part of the BOE meeting. PTA will be providing refreshments, as well. I'm excited to share the good things that are happening here at Lowell thanks to your hard work! Let me know if you think you'll be joining us.

Google Training Site

There was an issue with the link for the Google training site expiring in the previous Flight. If this link does not work when you click it, please cut and paste the URL into your browser window. Let me know if you need any help!

PARCC Tech Features

Linked here and in the November curriculum update, be sure to check out the PARCC Tech Features resource page! There are resources for each grade level to practice the skills anticipated for PARCC.

Winter Concert

Please see the latest Memo for the Winter Concert format/parent letter and note staff information below. The hard copy letter will be in your mailbox on Monday.

  • All primary classroom teachers will need arrive and be in their assigned room by 6:00. Students will be dropped off at 6:15 and the teachers will be able to leave after their last child is picked up which should be right around 7.
  • Intermediate teachers need to be in their assigned classrooms by 6:45. Parking might be more difficult for intermediate teachers so please allow yourself time to park and get to your room. Intermediate students will be dropped off in the classrooms at 7:00. Intermediate classroom teachers will be able to leave after their last student is picked up which should be around 7:45.
  • Any classroom teacher able to help direct and greet opposite your performance time should e-mail Laura MacLeod by Monday.
  • Classrooms should have computers. You can log in with your A0 number and use computer or play DVD through the computer.
  • Someone will come tell you when it is time to line up and return to get you when it is time to walk to the stage.
  • Directions for specialists will come next week letting you know your specific responsibilities that night. Please anticipate being there from 6:00-7:45.

PTA Student Spotlight

Thanks to Mary Carlson for volunteering for November! Check out her class iMovie here!

Click here if you'd like to sign up for a month!

Off Level Assessments

Recommendations are forthcoming. The off-level assessments are in the ELA or Math files on the Teaching and Learning Together site. Students taking the off level should also take the on-level for district norming purposes. Please see me with questions or concerns.

Join PTA!

Our goal this year is to reach 100% staff membership as we partner with the PTA to serve our students at Lowell! You can join online via the link below or pick up a form in the office. Our PTA parents are very appreciative of the staff who have joined so far!

Please consider writing a post for our blog!!

Check out our newest post from Melissa Vesta. You can also encourage a student or parent to share OR comment on an existing post!! We have 3 new stories this year!

Week of December 1-6

*Typing Training Schedule begins*

*Holiday Music Schedule begins*

Saturday, December 6

  • Lowell Holiday Bazaar; 9 a.m.- 1p.m.

Monday, December 8

  • Kathy at Jury Duty this week- hopefully only Monday!!

Tuesday, December 9

  • 5th Grade DuPage County Health Department Social Skills Program Visit ; 5M & 5R/ 2:30 - 3:30
  • (World Relief Homework Club; LLC after school)

Wednesday, December 10

  • No staff meeting; consider joining us for the start of the BOE meeting that starts at 7:30.
  • Kathy, Amanda & 3 teachers at Google training; p.m. at SSC
  • (Jericho Road Homework club; LLC after school)
  • (Girl Scouts; Art Room after school)
  • (Boy Scouts; 6-7 p.m. in Art Room)
  • BOE Meeting at Lowell at 7:30 p.m.

Thursday, December 11

  • Problem solving, IEPs & 504s as scheduled
  • Inclusion meetings as scheduled
  • Student Wellness Committee Meeting; BASP Room during 4th/5th grade lunch
  • (Language Stars; Room 129 after school)
  • (Boy Scouts; 7-8 p.m. in MPR)
  • Cook's Night out at Potbelly's (See lunch order form in the Staff Center if you'd like to order a lunch to be delivered this day; lunch orders due 12/10.)

Friday, December 12

  • PTA; 9:30 in Art Room
  • Jeans
  • (Chess Club; LLC after school)
  • (Girl Scouts; Art Room after school)

Upcoming Lowell Events

All School

  • Winter Parties: Click here for schedule.
  • Winter Concert: Thursday, December 18 @ Wheaton North High School's Auditorium (more information to come)
  • Yearbook group photos; Wednesday, January 21
  • PTA Sponsored Assembly: Matt Wilhelm; February 18; a.m. (exact times TBD)
  • Spring PACE Testing: March 2-6 (Grades 3-5); March 9-16 (Grade 2)
  • PTA Sponsored Assembly: Kidworks Theatre- Endangered Animals: Wednesday, April 22 (Earth Day) 1:30 show (K-2); 2:30 show (3-5)
  • Franklin Music Tour: Tuesday, April 28
  • Chorus, Band, & Orchestra Concert: Tuesday, May 12; 6:30 p.m. @ Franklin

Grade Level Trips/Events

  • 2nd Grade to play at St. Charles North; Monday, March 2
  • Kindergarten to COD Play: Friday, May 13; 10:30-1 p.m.
  • 2nd Grade to Fullersburg Woods: Friday, May 15; 9:30-2
  • Kindergarten to Morton Arboretum: Thursday, April 23; 9:30-Noon

2014-15 Shift Day Schedule

  • Thursday, January 15 is a Friday
  • Tuesday, February 17 is a Monday
  • Tuesday, May 26 is a Monday

PARCC Window

The district is hopeful more specific PARCC information will be released in September. When that happens, options for the testing timeframe will be shared with building principals and communicated to you. Until that point, it is recommended we not schedule field trips and events during that window. Again, the hope is that the window will be narrowed further. If families inquire about this due to vacation planning you can direct them to me if you prefer; there will be the opportunity for make-ups within each window. PARCC testing will take place during both windows below:

  • First Window: March 9-March 27
  • Second Window: April 27-May 22

Professional Learning Calendar

2014-15 Committees (Updated)

BLT Agenda Items & Notes (Please see a BLT member (Laura M.; Amanda; Brooke; Anne; Peg; Cindy L.; or Kathy) to add items to the agenda.)

Check it Out!

This section, like our Standards Based Grading Corner last year, will include interesting articles, blog posts, videos, or quotes for your optional perusal & reflection. Have something you'd like me to share here? E-mail me the link!

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