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Dr. Wise K-8 Thurman Francis Arts Academy

Welcome to my Class!

I am excited to get to know everyone! Please use this digital newsletter to see what we are doing in Technology Class. I will post your children's digital presentations and work on this website under the Student Work Buttons for your child's grade level.

Skills: Feb.18th-21st, 2020

Every class K-8 will be learning how to be digitally safe. Please talk to your child about digital safety at home. I will be teaching the students how to make a digital presentation about digital safety. The students will use either Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Padlet, or Storybook Jumper.

*2nd Period: we will return to coding after the digital safety lessons

*3rd Period: we will return to broadcasting after the digital safety lessons

Digital Safety Website

Here is the website that the students will be working from. Feel free to use any of the resources at home.

Computer Technology Wish List

1. iPad

2. Wireless Printer

3. Printer Paper with Designs

4. Colored Printer Paper

5. Candy for Rewards

6. Small and Medium Sized Command Hooks

7. Books for Kids on Technology, Computers, and Digital Safety

8. Tissues, Lysol, Clorox Wipes

Student Work

Computer Links

Computer Technology Links

Student and Parent Resources to learn digitally!

Digital Safety

Watch and monitor your children on the internet. Make sure they know what is appropriate and what is not.
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Grade Level Websites

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