Simon Birch

By: Tyler Lund core:3

Theme of Simon Birch

No matter what what people say don't stop believing in yourself.

Simon states "I think I'm god's interment" (Simon Birch).Simon say's this after he was told he was worthless. This proves that you shouldn't give up in your self because someone ells does give up on you.

Simon's Character


Short, has glasses, blond hair, wheres ear pees


caring, sad, happy


Friends with Jo, kind, believes in god, goes to church, parents don't car for him

One example of Simon's character is when he saves the kids on the buss by going back on the buss when it was going under.

Three Big Events

1) Jo's Mom dies. she was hit by a base ball. it changes jo's and Simon life for good

2) Jo goes to a winter brake retreat. He learns that the reverent is his dad. This upsets Jo a lout.

3) on the way back the buss goes of the road and in a lake. Jo and Simon get all the kids of the buss. Simon dies in a hospital later.