James Monroe

By Kishan Anwary

Who James Monroe was

James Monroe was the 5th President, a governer of Virginia, an ambassador to France, and a member in the continental congress. He has many varied accomplishments, ranging from freeing Thomas Paine to bringing the country into an era of national patriotism.

About his Accomplishments


James Monroe had a few major accomplishments that stood out among the others. First, his presidency was a huge success. His presidency is known as the Era of Good Feelings. During this time, Monroe resolved many national problems, such as foreign policy and economic collapse. Monroe resolved foreign policy by creating the Monroe Doctrine, a document that stated that European countries may not colonize in the Americas any longer. This document took effect immediately and was used until 1994 when it was improved upon.

Governer of Virginia and Other Political Affairs

The founding of our country was a hard time to get through. Creating the constitution was a major challenge right after America gained independence. Thankfully, Monroe was working alongside some of the greatest men our country has known in the constitutional convention. Before taking up the position of president, James Monroe was the governor of Virginia. During this time, Monroe gained loads of political popularity and respect. In fact, he gained so much political stance that he was re-elected four times! Unfortunately, Monroe couldn't be governor forever.

Foreign Accomplishments

Arguably the most important man in American History, George Washington, elected James Monroe to become a Minister to France. While working in France, James Monroe completed many accomplishments, supporting the French and their ideals. Along these accomplishments is the freeing of Thomas Paine, an extremely important individual during the Revolution.