The beautiful city of lights

have you ever visited the beautiful city of lights?

Paris France is a great place for a nice peaceful trip. Visit the Eiffel tower, disneyland Paris, Parc Asterix, & Palais-Royal. There's much more to be learned about Paris France.


The absolute location of paris is 48.8567ºN, 2.3508ºE. The relative location is western Europe. Paris' religion is 83-88% Roman catholic, 2% protestant, 1% Jewish, 5-10% Muslum, 4% unnaffiliated. Paris' region is lle de france.

Physical characteristics

There are many other things to know about Paris, including it's characteristics. Some physical characteristics about Paris, France is that the land is mostly flat & the hill of montmarte is the highest hill in France. The climate in winter is around 5ºC & in the summer around 20ºC. also it is good to know when traveling that the hottest month is July & the coldest month is January.

Human characteristics

there are also interesting human characteristics in Paris France. For starters they speak French & have euros for currency. Also included in France is the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, & the Louvre Museum.

Invironment & human Interaction

There are many ways the environment & humans can interact. In Paris there is fishing & pollution just to name a few. A huge problem in France is air pollution. It may be that no one cares but many say that weather is to blame. There isn't much fishing in France but some places you can go to fish are Cache, Dieppe, Plobsheim, & dronne.

Natural resources

There is little to know about France's natural resources, but from the information I've found, it is limited in quantity & France coal, iron ores, bauxite, and uranium. Also high quality soil covers half the country's surface.


There is also a lot of movement in Paris such as immigration, import, & export. "According to INSEE, the percentage of the French population that is counted as immigrants was 89% in January 2014." Also France is the second largest exporter & importer in Europe. Speaking of Export & import, France has been part of the world trade organization since January 1, 1995. The value of all Exports is $567.1 billion.

Fun facts

there Is much more to know about Paris France. there is only one stop sign in all of Paris, There is 6,100 streets in Paris, There is 1,784 bakeries in Paris, There are more dogs than children in Paris, & France is the second largest country in Europe. The beautiful city of lights is a great place to visit & has many sights to see.


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