Top 10 ways to stay safe online.

Do you really Know if the website are on is safe?

Playing and Staying Safe online

number 10: Know the Scams

Read articles and blogs about the site. Find out if it is an safe website to be on . Then find out if it is age appropriate just because it is a safe website does not mean it is a good website to be on.

Number 9: Think before you click.

Never and i mean never click on link in messages in texting face book or any of that stuff from people you do not know for example when I got my phone my phone number was some one else's phone before so I was getting texted stuff. Then they sent me a link and told me to watch it so I took it to my mom and she took care of it.

Number 5: Protect your info.

When you are online always find out if the people you are talking to are trustworthy and even if they are don't say your name unless its a close friend.

Number 4: Do you feel uncomfortable

If you feel uncomfortable on a website go to an trusted adult and tell them.

Number 3: Don't meet up with people you don't know

Never meet up with people you don't know even if you think you know them.