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hi             My name is Tu Tu. I am 18 year old. I was born in Burmese country. I live with my parents and my grandpa. When we stay in Burmese we have to pray to Buddhist, If we did not pray Buddlhist they tried to kill us, so we had to leave from Thailand. When i was 10 year old, i move to Thailand. I live in Thailand for 5 year and i move to Georgia. When i move to Georgia i was scared and shy because i did not know how to speak English. I first went to International center and i stayed there for six weeks. then i went to Freedom middle school. when i began high school i attend Clarkston high school. I real enjoyed in Clarkston high school. My favorite teacher was Ms. Jaret. She the best teacher at Clarkston. Now i here at Elizabeth Andrews High School. I was little nervous but now i like it here.