Fantastic 4th Grade

Ms. Ayala, Ms. Koza, Ms. Pecoaro, & Ms. Peguero


In this unit, students will read, write, listen, and speak to build knowledge of simple machines and how they impact force, effort, and work. Students begin by reading some basic informational text. In their writing they will explain what simple machines are and then form an informational essay about a simple machine.


The students will be learning strategies they can use to multiply 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers. We will be using estimating and compatible numbers too! Please make sure students continue practicing basic multiplication facts every night.


In our science unit we are learning about Magnetism and Simple Machines. We will explore how these simple forces and machines effect our lives.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we are learning about the Dutch, English, and Spanish Explorers to the new world.

Dual Language

En espanol vamos a aprender acerca de las actividades que los estudiantes hacen en la escuela y despues de la escuela. Tambien nos enfocaremos en las actividades que los estudiantes hacen durantes las vacaciones y en todos los eventos especiales.

Upcoming Events

1/4/16- Classes resume

1/18/16- MLK's Birthday Observance - School Closed

1/20/16- PTA Meeting at 6 PM

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