Supply Chain Manager

"Supply Chain Managers make recommendations to improve productivity, quality and efficiency of operations. Their aim is to minimise shortages and keep costs down. The job is not just about logistics and inventory"

What is a supply chain?

A supply chain is a network that connects a company to its supplier that creates and distributes product specific to that company. It demonstrates the steps needed to transfer the product to the customer. A supply chain is an important process that tries to maximise the chain to keep the costs low which in turn creates a faster more efficient cycle.

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What is involved in the creation of a garment?

When creating a garment, for example a Jumper, multiple aspects have to be taken into account at the first to third stage of the supply chain...
  • The concept
  • The Fabric
  • The Printing of any words or images
  • The rib trims
  • The labels
  • The care labels
  • The thread
  • The eyelets
Then how this product is manufactured to be dispatched to the retailer. Supply Chain Managers have to ensure this whole process runs smoothly.
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What does the role of a Supply Chain Manager involve?

A Supply Chain Manager is in charge of planning delivery timetables, ensuring stores have enough stock and ensuring that suppliers have enough stock to meet demand. As well as this they have to oversee the ordering, packaging and shipment process to certify that all stores receive the correct product and amount of product.
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What are some of the skills needed to do this job?

Soft skills:

  • Organised to ensure all processes of the chain run accruteley and to make sure deadlines are met
  • Good negotiator when dealing with buyers and suppliers to create the best outcome for the company
  • Responsibility- high profile job that is extremely important within the industry, if something goes wrong then companies profits can fall immensely
  • Communicate to the work team effectively
  • Be able to logically organise ideas
  • Time management to make sure deadlines are met
  • Leadership skills in order to run the business
  • To be able to understand customers and their needs
  • Knowledge and mentoring for colleagues
  • Vision for the company

Hard skills:

  • Manage projects, as this is the main aspect of the job role
  • Technical understanding of the machines and e-business
  • Cost accounting skills to ensure the company is making a profit
  • Understand business ethics and have clear knowledge of legal issues
What is Supply Chain Management?


HND or degree in...

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics
  • International Transport
  • Transport Management
  • Geography
  • or experience

Hours and Salary


Usually a normal working day is from 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday. However, many companies operate 24 hours a day so many jobs are based around shift work.


-Graduates: £18,000-£22,000

-Experience: £25,000-£35,000

-Management: up to £60,000


  • Most Supply Chain managers start out at a lower lever such as an assistant or supervisor due to the lack of experience when first starting
  • With a degree such as Geogrpahy, logistics or Supply Chain Management you can enter as an assistant and then usually after a year of gaining experience, you can be promoted to a manager
  • There are also multiple roles you can progress into such as Process engineer, Supply chain analyst and Supply chain systems manager


  • 70% of employees are male, 30% are female in this sector
  • Many Supply Chain Managers in top positions have worked their way to the top role, starting a C-level and with experience entering into a managerial position.

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