Gangsters of the 1920's

Group 5: Brayden, Brooke, and Marcel

Gangsters rise in the 1920's

  • Majority of famous gangsters in this time era started at early ages of about 16 or 17 years old.
  • In the 1920's, the typical American gangster managed murder, gambling, robbery, prostitution, black market drugs and illegal sale of alcohol also known as bootlegging.
  • Chicago and especially New York at the time were highlighted with speakeasies, gangsters, and increase in crime do to the 18th amendment - Prohibition of alcohol.
  • Bootlegging was the gangster's illegal means for their need for fast and quick cash.
  • Beer was accessed fairly easily because could be brewed within the United States. Hard alcohol required retrieval from Canada through Detroit, Michigan.
  • Their bootlegging 'business' frequently became violent consider this gangs were filled with aggressive criminals.
  • Becoming a part of this mafia not only involved money but Italian heritage.
  • These gangs were structured by a hierarchy including a boss, underboss, caporegime, soldiers, and associates.
  • Machine Gun Kelly well known for his bootlegging and kidnapping a millionaire who owned an oil company.
  • One major gangster and boss was the infamous Al Capone, also know as Scarface, earning about 100 million dollars through gambling and illegal sales of alcohol.


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