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Parallelogram examples

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The whole point of a Parallelogram is to find the values which will tell if they are exactly parallel of not. I added x=y +5 and 8y + 10=3x + 10. You substituted it by putting x into the other equation. Then you combine like terms to solve for y and you add y into the first equation to figure out the value of x.

Properties of a Parallelogram

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Comparing and Contrasting trapezoids and isosceles trapezoid

They all have a base, legs, and a base angle but trapezoids has one pair of parallel sides and isosceles trapezoid has no parallel sides
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The formula is that in order to solve QR, you have to put 1/2 times LM plus PM, first you solve the equation inside the parentheses them you multiply it. then you combine like terms and that how you will solve x

Definition of a Kite

Geometric kite is a quadrilateral with two distinct pairs of equal adjacent sides and it cannot have any sides in common with one another.
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In the equation you have to solve all of the angles to figure out the answers to this equation and once you found out angle 1 (if it is a right triangle then it is equal to ninety) and angle 3 then you plug it in to equal angle two.
Properties of Parallelograms

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