Vote For Wilson!

The Democratic Party

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Woodrow Wilson's Goals as President

-Lower taxes

- More antitrust laws

-Introduction of income tax

-Direct election of U.S. Senators

-Strict federal regulations for railway, express, telephone, and telegraph companies

-Safeguarding of rights of organized labor

-Industrial, agricultural, and vocational education.

The New Freedom

Our work is a work of restoration. Our duty is to cleanse, to reconsider, to restore, to correct evil without harming the good, to purify and humanize every part of our life without weakening or sentimentalizing it. The basis of government is justice not pity. Sanitary laws, pure food laws, and laws setting up conditions of labor which individuals are powerless to determine for themselves are intimate parts of the business of justice and legal efficiency. We must lift everything that concerns our life as a nation to the light that shines from every person's conscience and vision of the right.

Election of 1912

Tuesday, Nov. 5th 1912 at 8am

United States

Vote for Woodrow Wilson of the Democratic Party when you go to the polls!