The Learning Letter

December 18th, 2015

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Erin and I hope everyone enjoys their much-needed winter vacation! Working with all of you has been such a wonderful way to end 2015 and we look forward to learning so much more together in 2016! Have a fabulous holiday!

~Kristin and Erin

Holiday Story Problem

Here is a great Story Problem for all ages and I love Marilyn's commentary on it! You could easily change the money amounts to make it more applicable to different grade levels, but the 10 between each amount makes it really accessible!

Top Literacy IPad Apps

Check out the top apps for phonemic awareness, phonics, word sorts, writing, and comprehension

When does 2+7+8=1?

Reindeer Math

Linda Thomas had a wonderful idea in relation to the Kindergarten activity we did in her class based on this NCTM article. Instead of the hamsters in the article, there are 9 reindeer either standing inside or outside of the barn. It works wonderfully for making mathematical claims at all grade levels.

Discovery vs. Telling

Let's SORT this out! Check out how we can engage our students in learning new letters, sounds, patterns, and definitions.

Blogging as Reflection

It has been so wonderful planning and teaching with all of you! I tried to blog about all of the lessons we did or planned together outside of the learning labs to reflect on the planning, the teaching and the thinking the students did around the math. I thought I would share my most recent blogs here for other grade levels to see what is happening around the school:

I have so many more I could keep listing, as well as an overdue Kindergarten and 5th grade post, but I have so much fun writing them that I wanted to share!

Student Treasures

It's that time again! If you would like to publish a hardbound class book please let me know. Our publishing date is the end of April. All grades are welcome to join the fun!

3-Act Math Task

I know this is more of a 6th or 7th grade math task, but I can definitely see our students doing some great noticing and wondering around the video in Graham's post.

Children's Choices

International Literacy Association shares the "2015 Children's Choices" as their favorite text selection.