Explosive Worker

Jeffery Foster

Daily Activities

Explosive workers prepare and set of explosions to blast areas of rock, ground, or structures so that work can be done.

Working Conditions

  • Are responsible for the safety of other at the work site
  • Constantly exposed to hazardous conditions
  • Must be very exact and be sure all details are done errors could seriously injure themselves and other workers
  • May travel to work sites out of there location

Yearly Wages

In Missouri, explosives workers earn a median wage of $38,140 per year

Preparation and/or Training

You need a high school diploma or equivalent and a complete moderate-term, on-the-job-training

5 Important Skills and Abilites

  • Communication
  • Reason and problem solve
  • Work with people
  • Work with things
  • Manage oneself, people, time, and things

Recommended Core Classes

  • Blueprint reading
  • Safety and First Aid
Explosive Workers