Cuts in the kitchen

Chrissy Foster

preventive measures

  • Never catch a falling knife just back yourself and anyone in the kitchen away from the falling knife, wait till it hits the ground then pick it up and wash it.
  • Make sure knives are sharp so they go thought what your cutting easier.
  • Make sure your knives are stored in a way that no one will get hurt taking one out, also keep away from children by putting them in a drawer that has a safety latch on it.
  • Cut away from your body.
  • Use the right knife for what your cutting.
  • Hold the knife with your stronger hand.
  • Always use knives for their intended proposes.

First Aid

  • Go to the doctor if the cut swells or redness appears this could mean it's infected, and if the cut is deep or is spurting blood after applying pressure for five to ten minutes.
  • Elevate to get the bleeding to stop when it does put antibacterial ointment on it as well as a bandied.