First Day and Night/Issue

The first day with my daughter was great! She was a little fussy but overall as long as we comforted her she was okay! We got home at 2 pm and then fed her as soon as we settled. She wanted to eat again around 4 pm and then again around 6:30 pm. Every time we fed her we made sure she didn't need to be changed. We put her down to sleep at 8 o'clock and she woke up at 10 wanting to eat and needing to be changed and then again at 12 and again at 3 in the morning. We couldn't get her back to sleep after that so I stayed up with her and watched television. I then fed her again around 6 am and gave her a bath. After her bath she was so tired so I put her down again to take a nap. During the day she mostly slept and ate but at night she wanted to be up and play.

Issue: The first week with her has been wonderful and I've enjoyed being with my daughter! My husband as helped so much and has been a great supporter but hes so protective over Mya! The only problem we've had is her sleeping with us. I enjoy her being in the bed with us because its easier to get to her and I love her being close but he feels that it could harm or endanger her. Everyday we've had disagreements about it and we would argue various times throughout the day. The Pros of co sleeping are helping the baby fall asleep faster, helps parents regain a sense of intimacy with their baby, helps the mom get her sleep cycle in sync with the babies, and encourages breastfeeding. The Cons are the baby may want to stay in bed with the parents past the appropriate age, the lack of quality of sleeping, could interfere with the private and intimate life of the parents, and children could be introduced to lifes issues. I believe that as long as the child is sleeping by themselves before their 10 months then they'll avoid any emotional or psychological disadvantages. The pros of the child sleeping with the parent will outweigh the cons simply because it provides the parents to be more intimate with their baby. To get through this disagreement we sat done and talk about the benefits and things that weren't good about co sleeping and of course I won! Now she sleeps with us with no problems and I love it!